• Go to the link (, enter your username and password
  • The main page will open automatically.
  • You will find a report for the whole class, showing the number of stories read, the reading hours spent by students, the number of quizzes done by the students, and the number of the assignments sent to the students.
  • The pie chart shows the levelled reading of the students in the class. If you place the mouse on the level name in the pie chart, it will give you the number of students at this level.
  • The bar chart will show the number of stories read for the whole class, the reading hours spent by students, and the number of quizzes done by the students.
  • By scrolling down, you’ll find a list of all the names of the students in all the class you teach, showing the name of the student, the class, the section, the number of books read and the number of hours spent in reading.
  • – Click on the name of the student to learn more details about his progress in reading.
  • A list of stories read or listened to by this student will appear. The used features will appear in green, as for residential colour or light colours, this indicates that the student did not use this feature.

  • When clicking on , you can hear the student’s recording.


  • When clicking on , all words highlighted by the student can be seen (table shows page number, shaded word, color used for shading).


  • When clicking on , you can listen to the student’s recording about the drawing (the table shows the page number, recording to listen to it).


  • When clicking on , the student’s notes about the story can be seen (such as typing a different end, typing another dialogue, etc.).



  • All the above steps can be done for each student individually.