How to add an Assignment


How to add an Assignment

  • Go to the link (, enter your username and password
  • On the side menu, click on the bottom “Assignment”
  • After the page opens, click on the bottom “Add”
  • Type the assignment name, like Animals
  • Set the dates you want the assignment to start by clicking on the space. The schedule of the month will appear, click on the dates you wanted the assignment to start on, then do the same steps for the ending date (Due date of handing over)
  • Description box: Type what do you want the students to do

Example: Read the story then record your voice while reading it then share.

  • Books: Choose the books you want the students to read, you can filter the books according to the publishers, ages, levelled reading, transdisciplinary theme, or subject, by clicking on the word that you want to use in filtering.

Example: Choose the transdisciplinary theme, then click on “Who we are”, after that choose the levelled reading and click on level B.

  • Students: You can choose specific students or filter the student list according to the sections (Classes) or student level or you can select all the students (if you filter the students according to the class, then select “All students” it will choose all the students in the filtered list)
  • Worksheets (optional): If you want to add a worksheet click on the bottom “Choose file” then choose the worksheet you wanted to add. The students can print it out to answer it or type the answer in a word document then send it to the teacher via email. We as a platform prefer to ask the students to print it out and answer it using pen and paper to encourage them to write and improve their handwriting instead of typing.